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Sale Counter, Inventory & Procurement

Under Nimaisoft’s prestigious Cloud based Product Platform - DKC, we offer complete Spiritual Center Management solution with one of its yet another suite of features viz., Procurement, Pricing, Inventory, Sale Counter Management, Sales etc., under SIP. Back-End Admin Options meant for Top Management, Inventory Team and Procurement Team & Sales Management Team. With many such features makes this a complete one-stop platform where-in the user gets an end-to-end experience of managing the entire Procurement / Sales & Inventory solutions in a go with ease and user-friendliness. This platform has all the necessary features and APIs required for the application. Our aim is to make end-users' operations easy and save time and efforts thereby helping them invest tme and money increasing their Sales / Counter Sales etc., and hence to use this amazing platform and thereby connect seamlessly with various features offered.

Sale Counter

Our Sale Counter Tablet version helps you look for the sales performed over the various counters and manage the Sales of the Spiritual center flawless. Need not panic for the sales, billing, stock-on hand related issues. These all are well managed through the Sale Counter Tablet version.

Inventory, Godown Management

You want to order as and when the Inventory of the items/goods is falling short? Our SIP suite helps you with exhaustive set of features and options.

How it improves Procurement

We simplify the process of Procuring the items / goods. All that it requires is to use our DKC platform and make SIP utilize faster, better and best suite of features and options.


Worried about keeping track of th GRNs, stock received and losing data without network? We Offer -

Our DKC - SIP Features

SIP Features

Sale Counter Tablet Features


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